The club was formed in 1967 to preserve and foster the ownership of all models and products of the Studebaker marque. Membership is around 500 with affiliated clubs throughout Australia. The club itself is affiliated with the Studebaker Drivers Club Of U.S.A. which has a membership in excess of 12,000. Interchange of information and the buying power of such a large group enables reproduction of reasonably priced parts both for restoration and maintenance. Parts availability is excellent. The club meets on the third Monday of each month at the Coatesville Bowling Club, Mackie Rd, Bentleigh East, commencing at 8:00pm till approximately 10:30 pm. Social outings are arranged on a regular basis and include picnics, observation runs, scenic drives, economy runs, picture nights, weekends away, an annual Concours d' Elegance, and a bi-annual National Convention. Being a family club, children of all ages are generally catered for.

Studebaker Parts

63 Deakin Street Bentleigh East. Victoria 3165

Alan Heyde                          (03) 9570 1086

                                                0407 057 424

A good range of rubber parts continues to be produced to a high standard, giving owners the best opportunity to have their pride and joy looking fresh, closing tight and keeping out the wind and water when on the open road.

Running items to suit many models are quite often in stock and ready to go, so consider lashing out on some Champion plugs, or a fresh coil, a set of leads, distributor cap, points and condenser and liven things up under the bonnet.

A good clean, some fresh components and minor adjustments may be all that you need to restore performance and enjoy motoring in your Studebaker even more.

Planning a Project?

With the wet weather hopefully behind us, the time is right to fire up and get cracking on another project.

Why not dust off the old girl and take stock of what spare parts you have and work out a list of the things you may need.

It may surprise you to find out what new-old-stock items for quite rare models we have on the shelves

Some of the fiddly restoration tasks require certain screws, fasteners, nuts or special clips. Please feel welcome to pick up the phone, or send an email rather than struggling to find an alternative to fit.  A simple photo sent through as an example of a specific part may be the easiest way to find another one, or more to make up a set.

Safe and Happy motoring,           

Alan Heyde