The club was formed in 1967 to preserve and foster the ownership of all models and products of the Studebaker marque. Membership is around 500 with affiliated clubs throughout Australia. The club itself is affiliated with the Studebaker Drivers Club Of U.S.A. which has a membership in excess of 12,000. Interchange of information and the buying power of such a large group enables reproduction of reasonably priced parts both for restoration and maintenance. Parts availability is excellent. The club meets on the third Monday of each month at the Coatesville Bowling Club, Mackie Rd, Bentleigh East, commencing at 8:00pm till approximately 10:30 pm. Social outings are arranged on a regular basis and include picnics, observation runs, scenic drives, economy runs, picture nights, weekends away, an annual Concours d' Elegance, and a bi-annual National Convention. Being a family club, children of all ages are generally catered for.

Studebaker Parts

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A Century Passes…

The recent anniversary of JM Studebaker’s death in 1917 marks 100 years since the last of the five Studebaker brothers had passed away.

JM was an entrepreneurial visionary and the car club friendships and enjoyment of these vehicles we share now, can be attributed back to the drive and initiative he shared with his brothers all that time ago.

Had the Studebaker company not made the progression from horse-drawn wagons to automobiles, I wonder what vehicles we may otherwise be collecting, restoring and driving today?

JM’s influence and direction was revered within the company well after his passing, with his likeness used for the series of employee service pins that are now collector pieces.

Safe & Happy motoring

Alan Heyde


John Mohler Studebaker,

 1833 - 1917