The club was formed in 1967 to preserve and foster the ownership of all models and products of the Studebaker marque. Membership is around 500 with affiliated clubs throughout Australia. The club itself is affiliated with the Studebaker Drivers Club Of U.S.A. which has a membership in excess of 12,000. Interchange of information and the buying power of such a large group enables reproduction of reasonably priced parts both for restoration and maintenance. Parts availability is excellent. The club meets on the third Monday of each month at the Coatesville Bowling Club, Mackie Rd, Bentleigh East, commencing at 8:00pm till approximately 10:30 pm. Social outings are arranged on a regular basis and include picnics, observation runs, scenic drives, economy runs, picture nights, weekends away, an annual Concours d' Elegance, and a bi-annual National Convention. Being a family club, children of all ages are generally catered for.
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Concours d’Elegance refers to the Judging of the Standard of an Automobile, in its Original, or Restored to Authentic, Condition. The general rule being that the vehicle is presented in as good, if not better condition, than when it left the factory floor.

In other words, no modifications other than original equipment, after market equipment and or accessories, that were available from Studebaker Corporation, suitable for that model and year of vehicle.

The difficulty today, and in the future, is that of availability of authentic parts, cost, safety and, to a lesser degree, preference. In addition to this, there are no experienced members, within the club, who have the knowledge to determine what is right for the particular model/make of vehicle. On this basis, we must determine what is acceptable for originality and what is not.

The following rules are therefore applicable to this concourse.


(Original Vehicles):

  • Non-standard radios and speakers.
  • Acrylic and 2 Pack paint (Metallic if available for model/period)
  • Upholstery.
  • Disc brakes/boosters providing standard wheels can be fitted.
  • Light capacity.
  • Power steering.
  • Side Mirrors.
  • Studebaker accessories and after market, providing available I year of make.


(Vehicles go  into Custom/Modified class):

  • Incorrect paint, flames, murals, etc.
  • Incorrect motor for vehicle – size, make, etc.
  • Body modifications.
  • Oversize wheels and or alloy wheels.
  • Incorrect Seats.
  • Incorrect Dash and instruments.
  • Incorrect Steering wheel.
  • Floor shift (if not available for model).
  • Incorrect gearbox or differential.
  • Generally, the owner will know his modifications, if any, and therefore the onus should be on him to declare same. If in doubt, vehicle should be presented to the head judge and or, nominated experienced advisers, say one month prior to the Concours. (Maybe have a nominated day, if necessary, where this can be done).



  • Actual Concours day/date/venue to be nominated by the concours co-ordinator and approved by the committee.
  • All concours entries to be submitted to the concours co-ordinator at least one month prior to the concours,    NO EXCEPTIONS
  • All entrants must be financial members of the SCCA. Interstate entrants must be financial members of their affiliated Studebaker Club.
  • Starting time for judging will be 10am SHARP
  • All entrants must be in the allotted position and displaying the appropriate paperwork prior to judging start time.
  • Areas to be judged include Exterior, Interior, Undercarriage, Engine Bay, Boot and Wheels.
  • Head judge, judges and possible advisors to be appointed by the concours co-ordinator and committee.
  • Tally Clerks (of which there must be two for cross check and time minimisation) to be appointed by concours co-ordinator and committee.
  • The decision by the judges (including head judge and concours co-ordinator) is final.
  • Should an SCCA member consider an entrant is transgressing any rule they must, in writing, advise the head judge and or concours co-ordinator prior to the completion of judging.
  • All vehicles must be road registered.
  • The entrant (and or nominated assistant) must be in attendance at all times while vehicle is being judged.
  • No preparation or cleaning is permitted once judging of the vehicle has commenced.
  • Entrants are not to intervene, in any way shape or form, with the judges whilst their car is being judged. Any interface should be directed to the Head Judge.
  • At the discretion of the Head Judge any vehicle, or part thereof, may be re inspected or re judged.
  • In the event of a tie, the participating vehicles will be re judged.
  • Experienced Technical Advisers to be nominated by the committee and may be called upon at the discretion of the head judge and or concours co-ordinator.
  • Completed judging sheets remain the property of the SCCA.
  • Failure to comply with the above rules, or to act in a manner not in the spirit of the concours, enables the concours co-ordinator the right to disqualify any entrant.
  • In the event of a dispute regarding judging of cars the head judge will adjudicate.
  • In the event of a dispute involving an entry owned by the head judge or his family the Vice president shall adjudicate OR nominate another person to adjudicate at their discretion.