The club was formed in 1967 to preserve and foster the ownership of all models and products of the Studebaker marque. Membership is around 500 with affiliated clubs throughout Australia. The club itself is affiliated with the Studebaker Drivers Club Of U.S.A. which has a membership in excess of 12,000. Interchange of information and the buying power of such a large group enables reproduction of reasonably priced parts both for restoration and maintenance. Parts availability is excellent. The club meets on the third Monday of each month at the Coatesville Bowling Club, Mackie Rd, Bentleigh East, commencing at 8:00pm till approximately 10:30 pm. Social outings are arranged on a regular basis and include picnics, observation runs, scenic drives, economy runs, picture nights, weekends away, an annual Concours d' Elegance, and a bi-annual National Convention. Being a family club, children of all ages are generally catered for.
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The ‘MEET & GREET’ Friday night was very well attended and, being a casual night, gave us the opportunity to catch up, have a chat, a casual meal and a few refreshments. It was great to meet with our interstate members and get to know them a little better. We thank all who attended and trust you had a good time, good meal, and a bit of fun.




Saturday, ‘CONCOURS DAY’ was as good, if not better, than last year. We were blessed with a magnificent sunny, warm, dry day on the Rye foreshore. I am sure this encouraged the many cars and visitors to get out and about. We had background music (50’s, 60’s & 70’s), food and drink provided by the Rye Lions Club, running throughout the day.

Actual Concours Entrants were down a little from the last couple of years but, the total number of Studebaker attendants was good. There were a couple of late cancellations due to personal and family reasons. (Congratulations to Michael Pink and Alisha on the birth of their baby boy ‘Hunter John Pink’). We also had four beautiful Packards attend and we thank those Packard members for attending, you are always welcome.

With the day being as good as it was, there were many visitors streaming through admiring our wonderful vehicles, hopefully, this will encourage interest and the possibility for new members. We also had a few Corvettes and MG’s call in making it, in all, a fantastic day.

Many thanks to those members who prepared their car(s), as entrants, for the concours, it makes the effort of running a concours worthwhile. Also, thank you to those who simply attended, show of numbers makes the Studebaker Club (Brand) stronger.

Our Concours was supported by some wonderful companies this year (refer P. ?) who donated some valuable prizes for our raffle. I believe we have broken the raffle proceeds record thanks to these great supporters and Wayne, Cathy and Christine for their organisation.

On a sober note, we did have one hiccup for the day. (For those that saw the series ‘Jack Irish’ which featured Fabulous Phil Smith’s  Hawk), well, Fabulous Phil (Irish) Smith was up to his tricks again but, once again, he was caught out.

 We had to interrupt the Concours when Constable Bill Soens (new member) appeared requesting that Mr Smith open the boot of his Hawk. Found, AGAIN, with a body in the boot. Fabulous Phil???? handcuffed and taken away. Not sure how he didn’t lose points for not cleaning his boot!!

Not sure what is happening here but, concours is over, now about 5.30pm, the concours area is empty, EXCEPT for, ‘Modified Bob & Family’ enjoying the beautiful weather. Whilst they were settled in, they did make it to Presentation. (Thought, at the time, we might have to get Constable Bill back in on the basis of loitering laws).



‘WHAT A FABULOUS NIGHT’. For those that didn’t make it, unfortunately, you missed out on a fantastic evening with great friends. The Rye Hotel did a great job, balloons, place mats, coordinated serviettes, (all colour coded to Studebaker), good food, good service. Best of all, we had the company of all our fantastic local and interstate members.

On completion of our main meal (trust everyone enjoyed), we headed into the important part of Concours Day, Presentations.

To kick off with, our illustrious Judges and Officials were presented with their awards for the outstanding work they performed, prior to and, during the day of concours, fantastic effort. This was followed by presentation to all class winners, top ten and top modified. Finally, the presentation of the Bert Needham and Charles Schwerkolt trophy to overall concours winner, and the Bob Godley Trophy to winner of Modified (Results listed below). Congratulations to all recipients, well done. Sweets were served and we continued on into the night.


SUNDAY was another day, TOUR & LUNCH. Beautiful Victorian Weather AGAIN? (Our wonderful NSW Members suggested they brought it down with them, our illustrious SA Members suggested they sent it over, our lovely QLD Member, Lorna ‘EX VICTORIAN’ knows better??).

We ventured to Point Nepean National Park, 560 hectares at the very tip of Mornington Peninsula, coastal scenery and panoramic views of Bass Strait, The Rip and Port Phillip Bay. Military Forts and Quarantine Stations are located in this area dating back to 1880’s. The first cannon shots in both 1st & 2nd World Wars were actually fired from this point. Another point of significance is that Harold Holt (Ex Australian Prime Minister) actually drowned at Cheviot Beach, part of this magnificent area.

(Put this on your must do list).

From Point Nepean we headed to Charlies Car Museum for lunch. Charles Schwerkolt (One of our founding Members) has recently upgraded the museum to include bigger and larger display areas (catering for more cars/memorabilia) and also a beautiful cafeteria. Food was good, museum good, another to put on your must do list.  (Thanks to Matt for guiding us on a wonderful scenic trip).



What a great job GUYS & GALS, you have all done it again, made for a fabulous day.


Lisa Mackellar, Sue Hamilton, Sharon Gardner, Allan Tyler, David Pink, Gordon Hamilton, Bill Dinger, Ian Mackellar, David Denton.


Sue Salter, Marilyn Slater, Carol Caton, Christine Tyler, Lesley Pink, Kathy Liddell, Wayne Liddell, Richard Salter, Bill Soens. Matt Larsen, Bob Godley.

We sincerely thank you and hope you enjoyed the day.


Commercial                   Frank Little                    1963 Champ Pickup

Cruiser                          Jade Larsen                   1964 Daytona Convertible

Hawk                            Dianne Hill                     1960 Hawk

LARK                            Dave Denton                  1960 Lark

POST WAR                   Peter Cole                     1958 President

MODIFIED                     Guido Grima                  1964 Commander


1st Place                      Dave Denton                  1960 Lark

2nd Place                      Frank Little                    1964 Champ Pickup

3rd Place                      Jade Larsen                   1964 Daytona Convertible

4th Place                      Peter Cole                     1958 President

5th Place                      Harry Kramer                 1962 Lark Convertible

6th Place                      Dianne Hill                     1960 Hawk

7th Place                      David Pink                     1953 Champion

8th Place                      Mike Gardner                 1963 GT Hawk

9th Place                      Ron Sammut                 1960 Silver Hawk

10th Place                     Alf Peterson                  1963 Lark


1st Place                      Guido Grima                  1964 Commander

2nd Place                      Wayne Liddell                1962 GT Hawk


Harry Kramer                 1962 Lark Convertible

Congratulations to all recipients and we thank you for preparing and participating in this great event.

Thanks once again to our South Australian, New South Wales and Queensland friends for attending, the Packard members and, last but not least, our members and visitors who attended, it is you people who make for another fantastic Concours, we hope you all had a wonderful time.

Next year will be our 45Th Concours, we hope and trust you will all be able to attend for another good time. Let’s make it another exciting and memorable event.

Get your Stude’s out on the road and show the world what fabulous vehicles we have.                    Steve.