2021 National Meet – Lakes Entrance

Members and friends,

Notification of Postponement of the Studebaker National Meet for 2021 –

Regrettably the SNM2021 committee and the SCCA President have made the decision to transfer the Studebaker National Meet from Easter 2021 to Easter 2023. The location will not change. It will remain in Lakes Entrance.

As you can appreciate it takes some 2 plus years to get an event such as this into place and much planning has been completed. Specific to this National Meet, however, there were additional challenges to overcome and consider not only for our club, but also for the local region; those being the impact of shattering bushfires last Christmas, then our COVID pandemic. As a committee specifically reviewing all the challenges that COVID presented, one of the most concerning issues was the uncertainty of state governments closing borders at a moment’s notice. This potential action could turn visitors to Victoria away at the 11th hour. Additionally, mandatory COVID restrictions applicable to events such as our concourse being held out in the open, but open to the public, meant that such an event would not only have been extremely difficult to manage, but also possibly incur substantial costs such as fencing etc.

By far the most important consideration in our decision was the inclusion of all Stude members. Any meeting of our clubs is all-inclusive; there can be no exclusions. We also clearly understand the concerns of all members and friends in view of the risks to everyone’s health.

Accommodation Booking Update –

We appreciate that you will now be wondering what will happen to current bookings held with the Bellevue On The Lakes (MHQ) and Esplanade Resort & Spa hotels.

The administration at the Bellevue On The Lakes (MHQ) and Esplanade Resort and Spa hotels advised on the 6th January 2021 that they have confirmed the rescheduling of the Easter Weekend Group Reservation # 874911, without penalty, from Thurs 1st – Tues 6th April, 2021, to Easter Weekend Thurs 6th – Tues 11th April, 2023. Any deposit/payments made for bookings in 2021 will be transferred to the same bookings in 2023.

 As you would appreciate, the hotels will be reviewing the tariffs for 2023, so updated rates will be made available in due course. (Original hotel tariffs were fixed some two years ago).

 What this accommodation arrangement at Bellevue On The Lakes and Esplanade Resort & Spa Means to You –

·      Transfer of Booking – This change from Easter 2021 to Easter 2023 is a TRANSFER of booking (not a cancellation), so your current booking does not change and you do not need to do anything.

·      Cancellation of Booking – If you choose to cancel your reservation booking at either of the 2 hotels, then –

o  Prior to 1 February 2023 – (60 days prior) – you will forfeit your $100 deposit under the terms of the hotel cancellation policies (as per your original Booking Confirmation)

o  After 1 February 2023 – you will forfeit the entire tariff, which is all nights booked (as per your original Booking Confirmation)

o  NB – The cancellation terms have not changed from the original cancellation terms, just transferred to 2023 

Please Note – Members who are not booked into the Bellevue On The Lakes or Esplanade Resort & Spa will need to revise their own contractual transferal obligations relevant to their specific accommodation.

The committee will continue working towards a bigger and better SNM2023 in Lakes Entrance.

The support from all our members and friends has been amazing and we look forward to catching up soon.

Max Arbrew

SNM Committee.